National Center for Performing Arts (NCPA)

Identity system redesign for the first multi-venue, multi-genre cultural center in South Asia.


Identity system redesign


Fall 2022 + Spring 2023


Design + art direction + interface prototype


To choose an organization and redesign their identity system. My interest in the performing arts led me to pick the NCPA in India. Their existing identity feels classical and conservative, with a hard-to-read monogram, and the website structure and hierarchy can be improved.


Modernize, refresh, and unify the design system, incorporating ideas of performance, movement, diversity, and innovation. Implement the system for website interface design with the aim of making it easier to discover events and programs. Learn a few dance moves as part of research on the performing arts.


Part 1 — Redesigned identity system, sample implementations, and process presentation book.
Part 2 — Website prototype, written creative brief, and process book.